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Meridian Ministry exists to “Create a counter culture that repairs the breach between business and the church, preaches the good news to the poor and expresses overflowing generosity all while sharing the love of God in practical form.“©

Meridian Ministry serves business leaders and entrepreneurs.  Business leaders have a unique outlook on life and God has some specific direction for you in this regard.

Meridian Ministry asks you to accept three premises about your business:

  • God knows more about my business than me
  • God wants my business to succeed more than anyone
  • God’s principles are the most powerful available I can use

We believe God can direct you:

  • from poverty to prosperity (prosperity is more than money)
  • in how to start a business
  • as you run your business today and in the future

Meridian Ministry continues to expand.  Publications and Resources coming soon.


Luke 19:11-27